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Winning The Change Game

With a restructure looming large on the horizon, it can sometimes feel like a giant boulder rolling towards you, or a fast-approaching waterfall. In times like these, choosing the wrong course of action could easily see things get pretty rocky – but how can you know what the right choice is?

Well, that’s exactly what this course is for. The DIY HR Change Game Course takes you through, step by step, each important conversation and decision around restructuring. By the end, you’ll feel fully prepared and equipped to navigate these potentially tricky waters, and will be able to make the choices that bring your adventure to a successful conclusion.

Be one of our first five enrolments to receive a 50% discount and pay only $750*. Being one of the first enrollees means you will also have extra access to Catherine and the opportunity to feedback.

The first course is available now, we can’t wait to see you there!

Embark now and get access to

  • 7 comprehensive modules that will set you and your employees up to thrive rather than just survive the change and restructuring journey

  • Detailed exercises that outline exactly what you need to be doing during each step of your restructure

  • Checklists, templates and scripts that take the guesswork out of your restructure plan, creating / presenting your proposal, and communicating with your employees

  • Expert guidance with our HR team to help you get clear on what you want to achieve and support you through each step of the process

  • Option to add-on ongoing support with our HR team to help your business grow and adapt to your ongoing journey with ease

  • Extra one on one access with Catherine and the opportunity to feedback on course content

Course content

The 7 modules you need to win The Change Game:

Module 1 – reasons for a change or restructure

Be clear: why are you restructuring?
Reorganising for transformation
When to avoid a restructure (mini lesson)

Module 2 – your change proposal

What is a restructure or change proposal?
Building your business case
Developing your change story and proposal document

Module 3 – employee consultation and feedback

Why do you need to have employee consultation and feedback?
Reviewing and responding to feedback

Module 4 – how to communicate with people through change

What are the key statements required
How to add value to the conversation
People, environment, resources and content

Module 5 – restructure decision making

Presenting and communicating your decisions
How to make the best decision and get people on board

Module 6 – restructure follow through

Why is it important to follow through?
How to manage a redundancy
How to manage any changes to employment terms

Module 7 – reflection

How has it gone and how you can improve

Meet your new support team

Welcome! I’m Catherine, Principal HR consultant and founder of Stapleton Consulting and DIY HR. DIY HR is the online sister to Stapleton Consulting, an HR Consultancy driven to help employers to navigate the employment journey so they can see the forest for the trees.

With over 15 years HR experience, and a team that has collectively close to 100 years of HR experience, it became clear to us that employers need a service that empowers them with the knowledge and the tools to take control of their employment journey.

On even the best adventures problems do arise, and we want employers to be empowered to make good decisions in the right way. My BHAG is to increase the profit and capability of all businesses we work with by decreasing the time wasted and opportunities lost because of employee conflict and disputes. There isn’t one clear approach to bringing your vision to life and breaking down the barriers that are holding your business back.

Before starting Stapleton Consulting, I found myself having the same conversation with frustrated business owners. They were overwhelmed by having to manage their employees’ journey. The constant distraction was causing them to run out of the energy they needed to focus on growing their business. It didn’t take long before I realised the majority of their problems could be solved with personalised HR coaching. And that’s exactly why I started my business.

I created DIY HR and this course to help you spend less time managing the employee journey and more time expanding your business. Sometimes when on an adventure, a good map is all you really need.

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